Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

  • We currently have operations focussed in the Cape Town City Bowl and on the Atlantic Seaboard.

  • We currently have a portfolio of 50+ properties. We only onboard a handful of properties each year between August and November to ensure we focus most of our efforts on delivering an exceptional and personal service to each and every property owner.

  • We focus on up-spec 2+ bedroom apartments and houses in the City Center and on the Atlantic Seaboard. If you have the kind of property that makes people go “WOW” then you have come to the right place.


  • Superhost South Africa offers a comprehensive short-term property rental management service. For more information head over to our What We Do page.

  • You are our perfect customer if you own an investment property or vacation home and would like to earn amazing rental income from the property while still having the option to make use of it yourself from time to time. Most of our customers simply do not have the time to manage short-term rentals themselves or do not live close by.

  • We only manage “Entire Place” listings, which means we will not be able to assist you in managing a “Private Room” or “Shared Room”.

    We only manage properties on behalf of owners. If you currently rent a property and would like to sublet this property, we require written confirmation from the owner that this is allowed.

    We only manage investment properties/ vacation homes and only consider managing primary residences for occasional listing if the spaces are exceptional and available for at least 3 months over peak season.


  • Superhost South Africa charges a management fee of 18% of Net Rental Revenue* (excluding VAT)

    * the rental paid by guests LESS listing site service fees, credit card fees and other transaction costs LESS cleaning fees paid by guests.

  • In addition to our management fee, we will arrange for, facilitate, monitor and pay for additional external services on your behalf and will invoice you for these on a monthly basis at cost. A pre-determined mandate from you will determine which costs we can incur at our discretion and which costs require your approval.

    Examples of additional monthly charges would include topping up prepaid electricity or data, repairs and maintenance costs and purchasing replacement items.

  • We’re often asked if cleaning is included in your fee. The answer: No.

    BUT the cost of cleaning your property is charged to your guests. This means you will not be charged for cleaning, laundry, cleaning supplies or guest amenities.

    We will set the cleaning fee guests need to pay on the listing platform. These fees are paid out along with normal payouts and will be deducted from the rental revenue received before applying our management fee.

Getting Started

  • Of course! As part of the onboarding process we will create profiles on all the major listings sites as well as optimized listing on Airbnb,, etc. After handover we will schedule a deep clean of your listing, make recommendations on missing items and arrange for professional photography. We will also create a detailed house manual which we will send to guests prior to their arrival.

  • We will gladly take over and manage reservations booked through Airbnb prior to your signup. These will be treated the same way as reservations secured after signup and will also be charged the normal management fee.

    • Keys: We require at least 3 full set of keys for each listing.
    • Bedding: We provide hotel-quality linen as part of our cleaning service but each property must still provide duvet inners, pillows, mattress protectors and pillow protectors.
    • Cleaning equipment: We provide cleaning supplies as part of our cleaning service but each property must still provide basic cleaning equipment including a broom, mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner, etc.
    • Internet: We require all listings we manage to have uncapped internet installed at the time of handover (we recommend at least 10mbps)
    • Essentials: We require all listings to have the following items at handover: iron/ ironing board, hair dryer, standing fan for summer / heater for winter (unless there is already AC).
  • If you are interested in finding out more about our services or are ready to get started, please head over to our Contact page. From there, you can either send us a message or email.

    A member of the Superhost South Africa team will contact you to arrange a meeting at the property. This is to ensure the property is in fact Airbnb-read and meets our hosting standards.

    If all is in order, we will send through the necessary paperwork and schedule a handover date at your earliest convenience.