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About Us

  • Your full-service Airbnb property manager. Enjoy amazing Airbnb income with none of the hassle that would usually accompany short term rentals.

  • We believe in the sharing economy and would love to see more peer-to-peer interactions. So we would encourage you to list and manage your own property if you can. But if you can’t, Superhost will step in.

    Superhost SA customers include:

    • property owners looking to make more money from their investment properties/ vacation homes than they would from long-term rentals, but who do not have the time or desire to manage it themselves.
    • homeowners who plan to go on extended holidays or who work remotely from time to time, who would like to have their home available for their private use whenever they are around 
  • Currently Superhost is only available in Cape Town – focussing primarily on the Atlantic Seaboard and City Centre. We have recently launched in Johannesburg with our first listing in Sandton. We hope to expand the service in line with demand – so please let us know if you need a Superhost in your area.


  • When we say “full-service” we mean it. Many property owners underestimate the amount of time and coordination that goes into managing a listing professionally. 

    Sure there are the basics like messaging, key exchanges and cleaning to coordinate, but what about emergencies in the middle of the night, delayed flights, preventative repair and maintenance work.

    We do it all – coordinating and supervising all aspects of your property. It really is as simple as handing us your keys and sitting back.

  • We are happy to guide you along to an Airbnb-ready listing. This includes tips on the essential items to buy, recommendations on bedding and linen and even advice on decor. Once the listing is ready we will help you create an Airbnb profile (if you don’t have one), create an optimized Airbnb listing and even arrange for professional photography of your listing.

    We do not at this stage get involved in an renovations or project management when it comes to fitting listings. But let us know the scope of the work that needs to be done since we have a growing database of reliable and talented suppliers.

  • Not really. Think of us as surrogate owners – your home is treated the same way as we would treat our own. Also rest assured that you will always be looped into important decisions and no expense will be incurred without your prior consent.


  • Superhost charges 18% of your Airbnb payouts on every booking for the full-service management of your property. In addition external charges (see below) will be invoiced and recovered monthly.

    We are working to introduce more pricing options:

    • For selected and suitable listings we offer an online management service (12% of Airbnb payouts) – please enquire to find out if your listing qualifies
    • For short-term full-service management we offer the same service we normally do at 25% of Airbnb payouts. If you have a high value listing please contact us directly to negotiate rates.
  • Our fee includes all the work that needs to be done before, during and after your guests’ stay – i.e. you can sit back and relax. But our fee does not include external charges incurred in respect of your property. 

    We will arrange for, facilitate, monitor and pay for these external services on your behalf but will invoice you on a monthly basis. A pre-determined mandate from you will determine which costs we can incur at our discretion and which costs require your approval.

  • Examples of external charges we will invoice you for are:

    • Setup costs such as purchasing quality linen and towels
    • Ongoing costs such as cleaning services, laundry, consumables, etc.
    • Ad hoc costs such repair work in the case of damage

Your Profile

  • Yes, we create your property listing in your name and on your Airbnb profile. This means, should you at any time decide to cancel our service and manage your listing yourself, that you will retain your listing along with the existing reviews it has on it.

    You will at all times have full access to your profile and will have full visibility of your bookings and payouts. We will simply add our contact details to your profile so that we will be notified of enquiries and bookings.

  • That’s is completely fine. In our first meeting with you we will assist you in creating an Airbnb profile. This is part of our on-boarding process to ensure that you are completely comfortable with putting your listing in our care.

  • Yes you can and we definitely encourage it. Firstly you will discover new insights about the guest experience by being on the other side of the interaction. Secondly because Airbnb is just such an affordable and interesting way to travel. And of course, lastly because being a host with positive travel reviews boosts your listing’s credibility.

Your Listing

  • Airbnb allows users to list a “shared room”, “private room” or “entire place”. At Superhost we focus on managing an “entire place”. This is due to the fact that sharing your home with someone is a very personal experience. We believe that if you want to rent a “shared room” or “private room” in your house that you should personally approve guests as you will have to live with them. 

  • At Superhost we work exclusively with hosts who own their homes. If you are thinking of renting your apartment/ home on Airbnb when you are renting from someone else you should (1) check your lease which usually prohibits sub-letting and (2) if sub-letting is prohibited, first obtain permission from your lessor.

  • We can definitely assist with listing and managing your home while you are on holiday. For short-term management (less than 6 months) we charge 25% of Airbnb payouts. 

    Please do note though that Airbnb does take time to get going. Guests give preference to listings that have been reviewed. If you only list your property for a short amount of time it is likely that your reviews will only reflect once you are back from holiday. As such we will give special attention to the type of listing and pricing before taking on these types of jobs.


  • During the on-boarding process we will assist you in creating an Airbnb profile which includes setting your payout methods as well as your payout routing. You will add your bank account as well as the Superhost bank account and then select to route 18% of your payouts to Superhost with the remainder routed to be paid into your bank account.

    For external services such as cleaning, we send you a monthly invoice which is payable on receipt. No external services will be incurred and as such invoiced unless we have your prior approval to proceed with such services.

  • Along with your monthly invoice you will receive a monthly summary of the Airbnb payouts to date. These can be matched back to Airbnb by logging into your Airbnb account, selecting “Account”, then “Transaction History” and then “Complete Transactions”.

  • If you are a current FNB bank account holder, the most affordable payout method is via Paypal. Unfortunately this service is not available with any of the other SA banks and may mean that you may need to increase the minimum payout amount on Airbnb to avoid high transaction costs charged by your bank.