How much can you really make?

No two Airbnb listings are the same. Neither are property managers. Did you know that top performing Airbnb listings can see make up to 4X more than the average listing. We believe Superhost delivers exceptional returns and here is the proof.


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  • Listed: July 2015
  • Long-term rental: R4,000 p.m.
  • Airbnb income: R17,000 p.m.
  • Avg. occupancy: 76%

One Bedroom

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  • Listed: October 2014
  • Long-term rental: R6,000 p.m.
  • Airbnb income: R23,800 p.m.
  • Avg. occupancy: 80%

Two Bedroom


  • Listed: September 2015
  • Long-term rental: R18,000 p.m.
  • Airbnb income: R39,400 p.m.
  • Avg. occupancy: 81%