Welcome to Superhost South Africa! My name is Brigid and I am the founder and CEO of Superhost, along with my team we manage 70+ properties in Cape Town CBD, Atlantic Seaboard, Blouberg and Table View.

If you are interested in how Superhost South Africa got started and where we are heading, you have come to the right place. If not, have a look at our Services, Pricing or FAQ pages. And if that doesn’t do the trick feel free to Contact Us.

The Superhost South Africa Story

  • Oct 2013

    My First Airbnb Experience

    My First Airbnb Experience

    In October 2013 I set off to London on a work trip. I booked an Airbnb in Battersea on a whim (mostly trying to save money on accommodation) and really did not expect much.

    I arrived to a warm welcome and an amazingly personal space. I left inspired by the amazing host, Elizabeth. She went out of her way to make me feel at home in her home – providing fresh milk and delicious bread from a local bakery. She even invited me along to the Chelsea Art Club where she introduced me to all the locals and gave me a private tour.

    This was unlike anything I had ever experienced in any hotel –  a real person letting me into their real lives for a moment. I am regularly reminded of Elizabeth and the way she changed my life since her listing is often featured in the Airbnb home page background video. 

  • Feb 2014

    MVP-ing Our Spare Room

    MVP-ing Our Spare Room

    I returned to South Africa keen to give Airbnb hosting a try myself. So after moving into a new flat, Adam and I decided to MVP it. (I had just gotten involved in a startup and really got stuck into the jargon.)

    So (for normal people) MVP means minimum viable product – the idea being that I wanted to spend the least amount of money in order to test whether Airbnb would work in South Africa.

    We created the listing by putting our bed in our spare room (which was being utilized as a store room after the move). Within a few hours we received our first enquiries and within a day our first booking. We had to scramble a bit to get everything ready before the first guest arrived but in the end it all worked out.

  • Oct 2014



    The first month we put our spare room on Airbnb we could cover our rent with the income. This meant we could start saving for a deposit on an apartment. 

    I spent quite a few months looking at apartments before finally finding “The Sexy Loft in the Heart of the City”. I would love to say that I knew it would become so popular on Airbnb but to be honest it was really the best I could afford at the time.

    I signed an offer to purchase in May, took possession in September and listed in October 2014. Before I knew it season was in full swing and the listing was fully booked. By March 2015 I had reached cashflow breakeven.

  • July 2015

    Superhost South Africa is Born

    Superhost South Africa is Born

    The idea of professionally managing other people’s listings first came to mind when I came across similar services in the States. Like every good idea I have ever had, I registered a few domains. 

    After hosting Lauren Wallett in our spare room in February 2014, we discovered a shared obsession with the sharing economy. She encouraged me to join her as a global curator for the Collaborative Consumption blog.

    Superhost South Africa came up during a regular coffee brainstorm and with Lauren’s encouragement I threw together a website in October 2014. And she designed our logo (which has only changed slightly since).

  • Nov 2015

    Leaving on a Jet Plane

    Leaving on a Jet Plane

    But it wasn’t until fellow Airbnb hosts started contacting me on Airbnb to ask if I would manage their listings that I realized that the idea had legs. I onboarded my first customers in July 2015.

    At the same time Adam and I were planning a crazy adventure to South East Asia (originally for 7 months but it quickly became 11 months). So I had to figure out how Superhost would survive without me running around everyday.

    I recruited my first Superhost Manager – my dad. I gave him a crash course in using the internet, installed the Airbnb app on his phone and handed over the operational reigns to him. In the end this was the best thing I could do – giving myself the opportunity to market and develop the business.

  • Feb 2016

    R1,182,670 Later

    R1,182,670 Later

    On a lazy afternoon in Hoi An, Vietnam, I started putting together a blog post about my story (well this story) and how a sexy little loft in the heart of Cape Town (with no mountain or sea views) ended up funding our full time travel.

    The post went viral (well viral by my standards for a first blog post on a company blog). Somehow it landed up in front of the producer of The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield on Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk. On 3 February 2016 I stayed up till midnight to share 5 tips on how to make lots of money (and build a property empire) on Airbnb.

    GG van Rooyen, deputy editor of Entrepreneur Mag South Africa heard that interview. He asked to interview me too and wrote a very detailed article on How To Make (A Lot Of) Money On Airbnb.